Sydney, Australia holds one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world!

Tetsuya Restaurant (Japenese-Inspired cuisine)

Tetsuya’s Restaurant is located at 529 Kent Street, Sydney.

Tetsuya Wakuda refurbished an heritage-listed site, with influences of traditional Japanese-inspired style, to create a serene dining enclave in the city. The restaurant offers three main dining areas overlooking an exquisite Japanese garden, private yet atmospheric rooms for larger groups, and a bar at which guests may enjoy a pre-dinner drink before commencing their meal. Every room also features pieces from Tetsuya’s eclectic art and ceramic collection, from delicate Japanese porcelain to bold Australian sculptures.

Tetsuya Wakuda (Head Chef & Restaurateur)

The cuisine is unique, based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours, and enhanced by classic French technique.

Tetsuya Wakuda grew up in the Japanese town of Hamamatsu in the Shizuoka Prefecture. With a limited knowledge of English, and of the country which would become his home, Tetsuya arrived in Australia at the age of twenty-two, never imagining he would one day be embraced as one of the nation’s favourite chefs.

Landing in Sydney in 1982 with nothing more than a small suitcase and a love of food, Tetsuya found his very first job as a kitchen hand at Fishwives in Surry Hills. A year later he was introduced to Sydney chef Tony Bilson, who was looking for a Japanese cook to make sushi at Kinsela’s. It was at Kinsela’s that Tetsuya learned classical French techniques, thus forming the beginnings of his own style of cooking, marrying the French technique with the Japanese philosophy of using natural, seasonal flavours.

“I made a lot of things up along the way and, luckily for me, people liked the way it tasted.” Tetsuya Wakuda

Over the course of his career, Tetsuya has won acclaim not only in Australia, but also internationally. Tetsuya’s featured in Restaurant Magazine(London) World’s 50 Best Restaurants from the list’s inception in 2002 through to 2010, and Tetsuya has earned international recognition as one of the world’s great chefs, acknowledged by his peers, the media, and diners around the globe. Tetsuya was proud to be awarded the inauguralSydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide People’s Choice Award for 2011, thus cementing his reputation as one of the most respected and beloved chefs in the industry today

Table View in Tetsuya

Tetsuya corner view nighttime

Maybe Sydney, Australia is not your first destination choice when planning your exotic vacation.  Our question here at Luxaholics is, “Why not?”    Besides having beautiful weather, views that will take your breath away and the Australian Open only miles away in Melbourne, why would you pass up this exotic destination in your travels?  This restaurant  has been frequented by dignitaries, Hollywood’s A-list and powerful international political leaders.  This restaurant, the head chef and the excellent cuisine make this entire place LUXAHOLIC APPROVED!   Let us know how you love it upon your arrival.

–  The Luxaholic Family


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