Luxaholics present “Over the Heel” – The mishits from some designers’ heels

Nicholas Kirkwood Rodarte

Anteprima Estate


Louise Gold

1st Image (Nicholas Kirkwood) – Usually we like the offerings from this designer but this heel is a little too much of the “brass look” accompanied with a very busy design.  The heel while different does not do enough to save this entire shoe.  The colors can be easily matched which is a positive but we just don’t feel the brass finish is a winner this time around.  Let us know what you think.

2nd Image (Anteprima Estate) – This boot almost had potential, however the elongated bottom of the boot adds a weird shape to this heel.  The two-tone colors also do not help to absorb the shape of the overall shoe.  The delicate stitching meant to be seen lying on the sole of the heel gives off an image of tacky instead of sophistication.   The pointy toe of the heel make the strong personality of the heel a little too over the top.  Let us know what you think.

3rd Image (Prada) – First and foremost, we at Luxaholics are not fans of slip on heels, at all!  Prada really surprised us with this offering.  The crystals add a dainty and very cute touch to an otherwise very lazy heel.  The thick heel is very reminiscent of old school 80’s heels which have a look of a mistress or Vegas showgirl.  Prada usually is very intricate with their designs from the clothing to the footwear, but this heel looks like they didn’t put much thought into them at all…Not a Fan…. Tell us what you think.

4th Image (Louise Gold) – Wrong from start to finish.   If you think otherwise…convince us!

Definitely Not Luxaholics Approved


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