TMB Art Metal’s Limited Edition Cuff Links

TMB Art Metal's Limited Edition Aston Martin Cufflings

London-based TMB Art Metal such celebrated autos are more than a source of inspiration; they are a source of materials from which to fabricate cuff links, leather goods, and sculptures. One of their latest creations is a pair of limited-edition DBR1/2 Essence of Form cuff links crafted from an aluminum panel taken from the famous race car when it underwent restoration nearly 20 years ago. The aluminum car sculptures are paired with sculpted tiny drivers and posts made of 18-karat gold. Two versions of the cuff links, each limited to 50 pieces and priced at about $2,950, are accompanied by certificates of authenticity signed by either Sir Stirling Moss or Carroll Shelby.

Now, we aren’t suggesting going out and buying these almost $3,000 cuff links to just say you have them; these gems are collector’s items.  Take time to appreciate the craftsmanship of these accessories that can make or break an outfit.  They are definitely for the automotive enthusiasts and the fashionable who have a collector’s spirit.

Definitely Luxaholics Approved!

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