T1 Unique Tequila – The Exclusive New Tequila Liquor from master distiller German Gonzalez!

Exclusive T1 Liquor Bottle

Germán González, the longtime master distiller of the cult-favorite Chinaco tequila, has branched out to launch his own tequila brand. Called Tequila Uno (t1), it debuted in North America in November, and for now, features a reposado (aged in wood for six months) and three blanco tequilas. All the varieties are made from mature agave grown in the Mexican highlands of Los Altos, which tend to produce plants with higher concentrations of natural sugar.

The t1 Blanco Unique ($160)—is a limited-edition release of 60 bottles to commemorate the launch of his new brand, and is, at 41-proof, based on the smoothness of his less priced Ultra-Fino brand. It comes packaged in an individually numbered, handblown and etched crystal decanter that resembles a drop of distillate dropping from the still. And finally, the t1 Exceptional Reposado ($50), like its clear siblings, shows notes of roasted agave. With influences from spending six months in casks that once held Scotch whisky, it also reveals accents of vanilla, custard, spiced citrus, apple, and peach. González plans to release more varieties in 2010 and 2011, all with a promise of staying true to the agave.

Definitely, Luxaholics Approved!!!


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