Attn all Models:

We here at Luxaholics are proud to announce our 1st Portfolio Shoot Giveaway.  In dealing with styling shoots, photographers and models constantly, we have found that when a model wants to seriously build a diverse portfolio there are always some style of shots they are missing.  This can be due to a lack of knowledge in their career or overlooked by the manager.  This is where we come in:

Details of Giveaway

Three models will be selected by our Luxaholics team to be given a free photo shoot where 4 styles of shots will be taken.  2 styles will be portrait style head-to-shoulder and 2 full body…The photographer will be Edward Green and he is shooting this for a book he is writing on multi-race models and how the color line is becoming blurred.  This book will a very hard-hitting book and be distributed nationally.  The models will be used to illustrate how in today’s society the line between races is becoming erased within the modeling world.   All models used will be given all photos as well as a copy of the book when it is released.

Model Requirements

Multi-race females

34 B or C cup, 24-28 wait, 36-40 hips

Ages bet. 21-28

Services Provided


Make-up assistant (Models should have their make-up semi-done.)

Models Should Bring


Please send at least 3 photos (1 headshot, two full body) to with your name, measurements including height and weight.

Good luck to all…this is the first of many giveaways that we are happy to bring…

– Definitely Luxaholic Approved!!

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