Luxaholic Not Approved!!! Long Suit Blazer

The Long blazer look

We here at Luxaholics decided to also showcase the don’ts of fashion as well.  The long blazer look with the suit is not the best look for a today’s man.  It gives the impression of tackiness and lack of fashion sense today.  The long blazer reminds us of a “pimp suit”   Today’s fashionable man needs to avoid these type of suits at all costs.  If you don’t take our word for it…just ask a woman whom you feel is attractive and has a good fashion sense…if her answer is different, we’ll buy you this suit!  Maybe.

– Luxaholic not approved!!!!


One response to “Luxaholic Not Approved!!! Long Suit Blazer

  1. This long-tailed coat reminds me of a long-tailed rat! If anyone sees this as a chic, dapper suit for their man, then they need to be traded in for a different model! This thing is hideous and reminds me of something that a pimp-daddy would purchase to shiney silver spats, sparkly tophat and a snakeskin covered walking stick! If anyone things this is attractive, they are seriously demented and they should have their fashion-sense removed because they have more dollars than sense!
    Ok, now that I’ve filled this with as many snarky comments as I can…I really do think that this is truly terrible…somebody’s taste is only in their mouth…

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