Men, we realize in the past we have not given you the attention that the women have received in regards to fashion and luxury.  We are trying to make a more concerned effort to find the best in fashion and luxury for you as well.  We feel the best in fashion and luxury could not be expressed better than through this offering from Breitling.  Priced at a cool $100,000.00, this watch is not for the faint of heart nor wallet.  May we suggest having the Bentley before going to get this watch, it wouldn’t work too much if you have the watch and not the vehicle.  However, now that you do have both may we suggest a three-quarter butter soft Andrew Marc leather with a Ralph Lauren black turtleneck and Burberry grey blazer to off set the attack of Black within your outfit.  Ok fellas, now go and get working on your ensemble and those of you lucky enough to buy this ageless timepiece….email us pics and outfits you’ve decided best fit your newest accessory.

-Luxaholic Approved!


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