Stevie Boi Shades

Tanyka Renee Stevie Boi Shades

EVA Stevie Boi shades

Lady Gaga Stevie Boi Mask

Meagan Good Stevie Boi Shades

Stevie Boi shades have been spotted on celebrities from A-list on down.  These shades are completely rock star and fashion forward status.  The unique shape and materials used to make these shades are their claim to fame…with everything from netting, to rhinestones, to flashing lights to metallic gold and every other color.  These are the Luxaholics sizzling hot pick for summer.  Even though these shades have been doing well for a while, this 2010 summer in NY and other states will see a serious increase of visibility with these shades.  The hardest part will be getting your hands on some…

-Luxaholic Approved

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