2010 NY Fashion Week: Fall 2010 Collections – So Long Bryant Park Feb. 11-18

Currently in New York we are in the midst of NY Fashion Week.  This one week from Thursday to Thursday, literally is a fashion lover’s dream, a new designer’s shot, established designers’ reinvention time, and media’s photography and writing heaven.  As owner of F1GMedia, this year I was pleased that more of the staff and our clients were able to participate within the weeks festivities.  We even co-produced an off-site show this year with one of ourclient NewYorkFashionConnect Inc. in which our celebrity client Tanyka Renee walked the runway.

NY Fashion Week Rose a La Mode Show w/ Tanyka Renee @ The Exclusive Chacala Loft in Soho

So sit back and relax, as we welcome you back to the Luxaholic world in style and class…here are some pics from the shows, events, people and F1GMedia during the infamous Fashion Week.  It feels great to be back!

NY Fashion Week 2010 "Backstage of Edition by Georges Chakra"

Picture Above: Designer ellelauri w/ our client Tanyka Renee

Edition by Georges Chakra

The Finale of Edition by Georges Chakra

Model Call

Vassilios Kostetsos

Andy and Debb

Chambord Chocolate Fountain

This year’s NY Fashion Week was bitter-sweet for us here at Luxaholics.  The theme of Fashion Week was “So Long Bryant Park“.  I found myself walking in the tents and remembering all my fondest memories at Bryant Park.   Thinking back to ’94 when I was a junior in high school and use to sneak into the tents.  Bright-eyed and young, scared at any minute that security would come over and tell me I needed to leave…but trying to soak up as much of what the “big deal” was about Fashion Week and this particular venue of Bryant Park.   Not knowing many years later I would be back at that same venue of Bryant Park in mid-30’s looking at the younger attendees of this 2010 NY Fashion Week  with their bright eyes and notepads ready to soak up information and knowledge from all the fashionistas and fashionistos.

This year, I actually made a pact that while making sure our clients have their seats in the shows, I would enjoy this fashion week as if I were that teenager again, soaking up the ambiance, the fashion and the people who make this week a success.  I spoke with the guards who stand atop the infamous steps into the tents meant to keep those who do not have the correct credentials from entering.  We spoke about how every fashion week has its own personality, with its own characters and excitement.  They shared in confidence some horror stories of the past.   I found myself instead of snapping picture after picture, just soaking it up in my mind and keeping all the last memories like the first as the bright-eyed teenager again…Farewell to Bryant Park..

I cannot end this review of Fashion Week by not paying tribute to a genius that was lost the actual day NY Fashion Week 2010 started…Alexander McQueen…here are some images from the brilliant designer past and present.

Designer gone too soon

Alexander McQueen R.I.P.

So, until September comes around…I bid you all a farewell from NY Fashion Week 2010 Fall Collections.

– Keep it Luxurious

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