The Future Lexus Puts Other Luxury Car Brands in the Past

 Lexus is ready to bring the future of cars into existence.  The new style and inside of the LF-A Roadster defnitely let the owner know the future of autmobiles is upon us.  Its low-profile, sleek, aerodynamic shape is fashioned from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum and features a speed adaptive rear wing. And like the coupe, the LF-A Roadster is powered by a high-revving V10 engine capable of over 500 horsepower, which can reach an astonishing top speed of over 200 mph…on whatever street you feel the need for speed.  However, before you start salivating over the car of tomorrow…it is not scheduled for release until 2012.   However, if you cannot wait and need your car fix sooner; bids for receiving the luxury item early start at 1.5 million!!!   Yikes!!!!!


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